Carrie's Clinical Corner

with Carrie Adrian: PT, PhD, CCRP

This is a recording of an interactive LIVE webinar where delegates were able to discuss their difficult cases with Carrie Adrian.

Non-Weight-bearing to Sound

with Leilani Alvarez: DVM, DACVSMR

Severely lame patients that aren't recovering as expected can be very challenging, especially cases that are referred from a well-known surgeon, or they seem to defy every approach you have tried. We will be looking at some tips on how to get these patients sound again.

Why are you calling me Old?

with Mary Ellen Goldberg: BS, LVT, CVT, SRA, CCRA, CVPP, VTS-Lab Animal Medicine (Research Anethesia), VTS-Physical Rehabilitation (OC)

This webinar will explore the process of aging, the body systems that are affected and how we can manage and improve the process of aging in our patients.

Recorded on: 29 January 2019

Rehab of the Amputee

with Marinette Teeling: BSc Physiotherapy, MS Anim St Animal Physiotherapy, Cert CaNu

The lecture will focus on the biomechanical changes and stresses of the amputee dog. We will look at how to evaluate and recognize typical adaptations, how to encourage and speed up the initial phase of adjustment post amputation as well as some specific treatment interventions to promote optimal function and prevent dysfunction.

Recorded on: 15th January 2019

Orthopedic Conditions

that affect Locomotion

with Carrie Adrian: PT, PhD, CCRP

This TWO HOUR ON DEMAND (recorded) Webinar will review orthopedic conditions and their effects on gait and locomotion.

Recorded on: 18th December 2018

Force Free Exercise

in the Canine

with Robbie Porter: CCRP

This webinar will help the rehab practitioner to better understand motivation in the canine as pertaining to my force free canine exercise system.

Recorded on: 5th December 2018


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Hip Dysplasia : Part 2

Conservative & Rehabilitation Management

with David Dycus: DVM, MS, CCRP, DACVS-SA

Understanding rehabilitation as it pertains to the conservative management of hip dysplasia, in both young and old dogs, and how these concepts can be incorporated into daily practice.

Recorded on: 22 October 2018

Tips & Tricks

for Early Identification of Injuries


This webinar will use videos and case studies to demonstrate how you can spot the early signs of soft tissue injuries before a lameness occurs, through the use of cell phones and other imaging technologies.

​Recorded on: 9 October 2018

Shockwave Therapy Basics & Clinical Applications

with Marti Drum: DVM, PhD, Dip ACVSMR

Exploring the physiological basis for extracorporeal shockwave therapy and which conditions are indicated for treatment with shockwaves.

Recorded on 18th September 2018

Movement Dysfunction: Strength Vs Motor Control

with Carrie Adrian: PT, PhD, CCRP, Cert. Canine Rehab Practioner

Recorded on: 5th September 2018

Neurophysiologic components with pain and muscle dysfunction that contribute to altered mechanics-not strength deficits.

ELANCO Pain Series


Kenneth Joubert: BVSc (UP) MMedVet (Anaes), Specialist Anaesthetist

Recorded on: July 24th

Pain Physiology

Discuss how pain is perceived and processed within the body and the consequences of pain.

Recorded on: July 31st

Pain therapies in chronic pain using OA as a model

This talk will discuss how we can go about managing chronic pain from a pharmacological perspective and the evidence behind the therapy.


Recorded on: 7th August 
Acute pain.

We discuss how to manage acute pain from pharmacological perspective.


Recorded on: 14th August

Local analgesia.

We discuss how local anaesthetic agents and techniques we can use to improve acute and chronic pain management.

Keep your Exotics Pain Free

with Mary Ellen Goldberg: BS, LVT, CVT, SRA, CCRA, CVPP, VTS-Lab Animal Medicine (Research Anethesia), VTS-Physical Rehabilitation (OC)

Pain management using rehabilitation therapies in exotics and zoo animals.

Recorded on 3rd July 2018

Brace and Master Cast

with Confidence

with Ben Blecha: Certified Prosthetist-Orthotist

Bracing and applying casts is one of the trickiest procedures to get right. Learn a system to simplify decisions on bracing, and to apply casts on any animal without a hitch.

Recorded on 19th June 2018

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Aw, It Hurts!

with Lowri Davis: BVSc, Dip ACVSMR, MRCVS, Cert Vet Acup

Pain alters movement, movement creates pain in a complex jigsaw of changes within the body. This jigsaw is individual in nature and this webinar will focus on how to fit the pieces together.

Recorded on: 5th June 2018

The Biomechanics of Swimming

with Dr Sarah Beth Channon: BSc PhD MSc (VetEd) FHEA

Learn the fundamental underlying principles behind how animals swim, and the relevance of these principles for water based therapy approaches.

Recorded on: 22nd May 2018

Fibrocartilagenous Embolism

with Helen Nicholson: BPhty, MAnSt (Animal Physiotherapy),

PhD(Small Animal Physiotherapy)

Physiotherapy Assessment and Treatment from a motor relearning perspective.

Recorded on: 8th May 2018

Advanced Tips and Troubleshooting the Underwater Treadmill

with Kristen L. Hagler: BS (An.Phys.), RVT, VTS (Physical Rehabilitation), CCRP, CVPP, OACM, CBW

The underwater treadmill is a common therapeutic aide for patients recovering from an injury or illness but can be used beyond recovery. Participants will learn how to expand a patient’s overall therapy program through creative uses of an underwater treadmill, how to train patients for advanced skill maneuvers, troubleshoot behavioral challenges, and gain insight into the implementation of therapy plans for long-term use.

Recorded on: 17th April 2018

VOSM Rehab Series



Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons

Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation



Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation

Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist

Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist

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Rehab Series

Recorded on: March 15th

Forelimb Lameness, Where Do We Start? – Dr. Sherman Canapp

This lecture includes an in-depth overview of challenging forelimb conditions. Conditions including supraspinatus tendinopathy, medial shoulder syndrome, and traumatic fragmented medial coronoid process (jump down syndrome) will be discussed. Return to function, retraining, and prevention will also be included. 


Recorded on: March 22nd

Rehabilitation of Forelimb Conditions – Dr. Debra Canapp

Sports related injuries in the canine forelimb are unfortunately very common. Physical rehabilitation has become increasingly essential in providing the best opportunities for our dogs to recover from orthopedic surgery, soft tissue injuries, and overcome the pain and immobility that arthritis causes. Guidelines for structuring a comprehensive, personalized rehabilitation program for common forelimb injuries will be discussed.


Recorded on: March 29th

Hind limb Lameness, Where Do We Start? – Dr. Sherman Canapp

This lecture includes an in-depth overview of challenging hind limb conditions.  Conditions including iliopsoas strains, cranial cruciate ligament insufficiency, and gracilis myopathy will be discussed. Treatment options including rehabilitation therapy, surgical treatments and regenerative medicine therapies will be discussed. 


Recorded on: April 5th

Rehabilitation of Hind Limb Conditions – Dr. Debra Canapp

Sports related injuries in the canine hind limb are unfortunately very common. This lecture will walk you through the steps of the initial rehabilitation exam and provide detailed information on the four phases of rehabilitation for iliopsoas strains, stifle injuries, Achilles tendon issues, and hip osteoarthritis. Guidelines for structuring a comprehensive, personalized rehabilitation program for these common hind limb injuries will be discussed.

Challenging Cases for Brachial Plexus Injuries

Neuroanatomic basis for injury to the brachial plexus, including diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.

Recorded on the 21st February 2018

with Marti Drum: DVM, PhD, Dip ACVSMR

They're Cute and They're Challenging:
Effective and Safe Therapeutic Exercise Programs for Small Dogs

Small dogs can be challenging physical rehabilitation patients. This webinar will provide participants with the resources to improve small dog therapeutic exercise programs. Topics include safe equipment selection, small dog appropriate modifications to big dog exercises, behaviour management in the physical rehabilitation setting, and client education.


Recorded on the 6th February 2018   

with Jenn Panko: RVT/CCRP, VTS (Physical Rehab), OCMC, CAPMC 

Hip Dysplasia: Treatment from Young to Old

The underlying pathogenesis, clinical signs, and diagnostic methods will be covered. Furthermore, information will be provided on certification and prevention strategies along with various treatment options both surgical and non-surgical for young and older dogs. 

Recorded on the 23rd January 2018

with David Dycus: DVM, MS, CCRP, DACVS-SA

Digital Thermal Imaging

See the Pain and Treat the Pain in Your Patients

Learn about the advantages of adding thermal imaging to your practice to assist you become an even better practitioner.

Recorded on the 9th January 2018

with Debbie Gross Toracca: DPT MSPT Diplomat ABPTS CCRP

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Neurological Conditions Affecting Locomotion

A 2 Hour Long ON DEMAND Webinar:

The lecture will review neurological conditions and their effect on gait and locomotion.

Recorded on 19th December 2017

with Carrie Adrian: PT, PhD, CCRP

The Business behind Veterinary Rehabilitation

Learn the value of your time and how to successfully manage your budgets, margins and overheads in order to grow your business.

Recorded on 5 December 2017

with Graeme Solomon: Successful Business Owner and Adviser


8.5 Hours of Webinars

With: Chris Zink, Carrie Adrian, Matt Burke & Deirdre Charmante

Recorded on: 18 November 2017

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The Neurological Dog

Revisiting common neurological conditions, their assessment and appropriate treatment.

Recorded on 24 October 2017

with Marinette Teeling:

BSc Physiotherapy, MS Anim St (Animal Physiotherapy), Cert CaNu

Manual Therapy

Learn how to use your hands using a variety of manual therapy and manual techniques that can aid in the reduction of pain commonly caused by muscle spasm/tension and joint dysfunction.

Recorded on 10 October 2017

with Carrie Adrian: PT, PhD, CCRP

and techniques and their role in pain management

The Pitfalls of Rehabilitation

Learn that rehabilitation is not a panacea. Often however, it’s not the tool, but how we use it, that makes the difference between a successful outcome and a poor response to treatment. Subtle refinements in protocol design can make the difference between success and failure.

Recorded on 26 September 2017

with Lowri Davies: BVSc Dip ACVSMR MRCVS Cert Vet Acup

Joint Mobilisations

with David Levine: PT, PhD, DPT, OCS, CCRP, Cert. DN

Learn about the basic concepts of joint mobilization. Using various case studies Dr Levine will show you how to integrate this treatment method into your rehabilitation plan.

Recorded on 12 September 2017

Totofit: Therapeutic Exercises for every Dog 

Learn safe and effective exercises to improve muscle strengthening, balance and co-ordination.

Recorded on 29 August 2017

with Debbie Gross Torraca: DPT, MSPT, Diplomate ABPTS, CCRP

Muscle Activation in

Cruciate Disease

This lecture discusses dynamic imbalance of muscles surrounding the stifle that may predispose dogs to CCL injury/rupture. Upon preliminary analysis, qualitative data suggest a relationship between neuromuscular function and CCL injury.

Recorded on 16 August 2017

with Carrie Adrian: PT, PhD, CCRP

Biomechanics of Tissue Healing

and its relationship to therapeutic exercise

Learn how injury affects function in various tissues and proper exercise prescription for tissue healing, using practical examples.

Recorded on 25 July 2017

with Carrie Adrian: PT, PhD, CCRP

Post Op Complications

with David Dycus: DVM, MS, CCRP

In this webinar we will focus on identifying musculoskeletal complications during the post-operative period, how to diagnose complications, when to begin rehabilitation therapy, and how to avoid complications during the post-operative rehabilitation period.

Recorded on 18 July 2017

Totofit:  Conditioning for the Athletic Dog

Learn exercises which will help to prevent injuries and improve performance.

Recorded on 20 June 2017

with Debbie Gross Torraca: DPT, MSPT, Diplomate ABPTS, CCRP

Rehabilitation for the Cat

with Debbie Gross Torraca: DPT, MSPT, Diplomat ABPTS, CCRP

Discover a multi-modal and safe approach to the feline patient with strategies for therapeutic exercise, manual therapy and home programs.

Recorded on 6 June 2017

Regenerative Medicine

with Matt Brunke: DVM, CCRP, CVPP, CVA

Learn how to incorporate regenerative medicine into your pain management, surgical and rehab services.

Recorded on 30 May 2017

Underwater Treadmill Therapy

with Monique Crouch: BVSc CCRP GPCertWWA+CPM

Practical tips and further considerations in underwater treadmill therapy.

Recorded on 16 May 2017

Veterinary Orthotics & Prosthetics

with Martin Kaufmann: BS ABC C-Ped

Learn how custom made devices can be used effectively in canine rehabilitation.

Recorded on 25 April 2017

Degenerative Myelopathy

with Debbie Gross Terrace: DPT MSPT Diplomat ABPTS CCRP

Learn how to improve the length and quality of life of these patients using therapeutic exercise, modalities and manual therapies.

Recorded on 4 April 2017

Rehabilitation Products

with Marti Drum: DVM, PhD, Dip ACVSMR

We discuss assistive devices and other reliable products commonly used in the practice of orthopaedic and neurologic rehabilitation.

Recorded on 21 March 2017

The Canine Shoulder

with David Levine: PT, PhD, DPT, OCS, CCRP, Cert. DN

Selected disorders and thier management with physical therapy.

Recorded on 7 February 2017

The Fundamentals of Kinesio Taping

with Matt Brunke: DVM, CCRP, CVPP, CVA

Learn how to apply kinesiology tape safely and appropriately for orthopaedic post operative and neurological cases.

Recorded on 17 October 2016


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