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Why should you become a member?

The Small Animal platform takes the hassle out of your CPD (Continual Professional Development).


Time is our most precious resource. As rehab therapists, we have limits as to how many patients we can treat in a day. If you are anything like me (Dr. Megan Kelly), you find it hard to say no and therefore end up with more patients than you have time for. That leaves little time for all the other admin that needs to get done at the practice, such as writing notes, following up with vets, accounting, taking stock - and no doubt you also do your own social media. Where is the time to learn and stay updated with the latest information?

I founded Onlinepethealth to help rehab therapists, allowing them to learn from the best in the world in the comfort of their own home or practice and saving them the time and expense of traveling. Professionals can now receive education from world leaders without flying anywhere, preventing absence from our practices and families, and still allowing us to grow and better ourselves professionally.



"Onlinepethealth webinar keeps me thinking and pushing my boundaries and pioneering new therapies with my practice owner."

Luanna George - USA

“Onlinepethealth webinar has allowed me to gain insights into so many different areas of rehabilitation which would otherwise have been impossible.” 

Rebecca Sartain - UK

Onlinepethealth Webinar allows me to continue my professional development whilst managing my family and practice.” 

Tracey Dempsey UK

“Thanks so much for organising the webinar. I found it really interesting and practical.”

Pam Horisberger

"End of last year I experienced my first onlinepethealth webinar and, not being the strongest at the technical stuff, I was a little apprehensive, but no need. The webinars are super easy to follow, personal in that the lecturer may as well be right there in person, and it's interactive. No matter how long you've been in the field, I think everyone can benefit from these webinars and you'll take something away with you. A recent blog stated "students involved in online learning outperform their peers". Just do it! You won't be disappointed. Thank you, Dr Kelly, for setting this up. The value is huge and I'm very grateful to have these opportunities."

Natasha Lotter BSc (Hons), EEBW, CCRP 

“The online membership for rehab practitioners has already been such a huge benefit for me! From the business blog I learned how to set up google alerts, and as I'm not so clued up on social media, this really helped me find new things to post. The overall blog helped me build confidence with my posting! 

Also the videos are so easily accessible! We are all so busy and I know the struggle with trying to find time for these things! I managed to set myself up in a coffee shop with my earphones and tablet and enjoyed an hour-long coffee while I watched a lecture before moving onto my next patient. So far I have managed to take something from each video and I definitely feel like its an easy way to keep up with the industry.  I am so grateful, I feel supported in my field because of your efforts.”

Candice Ramsay

Ramsay Rehabilitation

"Good morning Megan,

I just want to say thank you for the webinar last night, it was brilliant! Very informative and useful. Have a great day."

Ané Krauss

“Hi Megan, great webinar, huge thank you to all involved in organising the webinar, and for David Levine for sharing his knowledge.  Hopefully, there will be more CPD online for us all to access. Thanks again."

Mel Brown

“Loving the webinars! The variety of options and how sometimes the simple options which, especially here with cost-sensitive cases, can be so beneficial.”

Natasha Lotter 

“I am really enjoying the webinars as they are very informative and based on very relevant topics, some of which have very little information available from other sources.”

Danielle Van Wyk

“Living in a remote area I find them extremely useful!"

Agnes Campan 

“I found the rehab webinar very refreshing and dynamic.”

Lucia Antelo Lopez

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